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Title: Cinnamon Roast
Rating:  PG-13
Pairing: Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones
Word Count: 326
Disclaimer: I'm not clever enough to have created Torchwood. 
Prompt: I'm looking for some fluff between them where they're cuddling in bed.


“You know, we don’t do this enough.”

Jack kisses him once and rolls off of him, on to his side to face him.

“Do what?”

Jack looks at him with a cocked eyebrow, like he already knows, like he’s just teasing by asking.


Jack laughs shortly, curls an arm around Ianto’s shoulders.

“I know. You can’t get enough of me.”

Ianto snorts, smiles into Jacks jaw line.

“Sex in a proper bed.”

Ianto is rolled to his back, and he holds Jack’s upper arms as he’s moved, a comfortable anchor.

“What, you saying you’re up for round two, because…”

Jack moves in to suck his neck, and Ianto lets him, tips his head back for the pleasure.

“Not now, just…”

He scoots down and tucks himself under his Jack’s arm, curling up, tucking his head beneath Jack’s jaw.

“Aww, come on, the lube is cherry.”

A kiss on the neck, short and tempting, and Ianto’s sweet chukle.

“I’m allergic to cherries, actually.”

A smile and a coy turn of the head, away from Jack’s face, but still peering from the corner of his eye.

“Lair. I have your medi-chart, you’re not allergic to a thing. I’m the boss, remember?”

Jack turns himself back on to Ianto, their legs tangle, bodies trading warmth.

“That’s right. Maybe you should give me a day off once and a while? I can make us amazing coffee from home for once.”

Ianto blows a warm breath across Jack’s ear, and Jack puts their foreheads together in response.

“Ah, see, now that’d be playing favorites. That’s not very professional.”

Jack lays his other arm across Ianto’s chest and Ianto rubs a hand up and down the forearm.

“This isn’t really a professional boss-and-employee relationship anymore, Sir.”

Ianto catches Jack face between his hands and kisses him, long and slow, and Jack grins when they part.

“Yeah, well, here’s a little tidbit about me, Ianto. I love to mix work and pleasure.”

Tags: fandom: torchwood, fanfiction, pairing: jack/ianto, rating: pg-13

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